Retail & Logistics

Connected customers, multi-channel presence, shorter trend cycles, faster order-fulfilment cycles – these are only some of the challenges that retailers face. Sustained success requires retail organisations to have nimble approach to their business processes and strategies, keeping them one step ahead of competition.

Springbuck’s comprehensive retail solutions will help you build shopper-centric experiences that are driven by streamlined processes delivering across-the-board efficiencies.

Springbuck’s Retail Capabilities

The constant flux in the retail industry makes it essential for companies to have IT solutions that are flexible, scalable yet customised. Springbuck’s range of services covers the entire spectrum of IT needs of today’s retail organisations.

Omnichannel Retail

Shopper expectations today make it necessary for retailers to be present across channels and provide a unified experience. From merchandising to pricing, Springbuck’s solution can help you deeply understand customer preferences enabling the development of tailored product and service delivery strategies.

Planning & optimisation

Business-critical processes like merchandising, supply chain or workforce management need careful planning and constant fine-tuning. Springbuck’s expert team has deep industry knowledge to create solution blueprints organisation-wide that can drive competitive advantage and enhance ROI on your investments.

Strategic Store Solutions

Our solutions work to transform your store into a high-performing experience center for your customers, incorporating latest trends to maximise sales productivity and meet consumer expectations. We build customised solutions across key areas like store POS, sales performance, inventory management.

Product Data Management

Efficient and dynamic product data management can help in driving better sourcing, more efficient inventory management and superior product strategy. Our Master Data Management (MDM) solutions leverage industry leading solutions to provide you with solutions help you take control of your product strategy.

Price Management

Complexity in retail pricing has increased with customers becoming savvier and more knowledgeable thanks to online retailing. At Springbuck, we leverage our expertise in Big Data science and enterprise solutions to deliver frameworks that enable competitive and seamless pricing across channels.

Customer 360 and Digital Solutions

Using powerful data science technologies we closely track and draw on customer data across different touchpoints such as social media data, in-store transactions, mobile, ecommerce to build a comprehensive repository of insights that drives decisions and customer-centricity.

The Springbuck Advantage

Our experience in the industry combined with our passion for technological excellence makes us your ideal business partner.

Design Thinking

We approach projects using a holistic perspective, developing solutions by working collaboratively with your teams. This approach makes sure that your business needs underpins the project outcomes.

Optimised Retail

We understand that for retail operations to achieve efficiencies consistently, technological solutions play a key role, and that is why our comprehensive technological frameworks keep the focus on improving margins.

Rapid Development
& Deployment

Our delivery model, combining benefits of onshore and offshore, is geared to deliver fast turnarounds so that you can accelerate time-to-market and avoid budget overruns.

Deep Industry

Springbuck’s expert team has a deep understanding of what drives the retail industry. Leveraging our expertise you will have solutions built for your requirements that are best-of-breed and effective.

User-focused Solutions

We craft solutions that keep business and user needs central. Understanding customer behaviour and customer preferences is essential to build intuitive and customised solutions that impact business performance.


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