Mobility & Internet of Things(IOT)

Mobile devices are increasingly being used by both customers and workforce making it essential for enterprises to have mobility-specific systems and tools that handle this effectively. Trends like ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) are further putting pressure on organisations to have solutions that keep organisation’s data safe and secure while not comprising accessibility.

At Springbuck we emphasise on a mobile-first approach for applications, developing solutions that are user-friendly, quickly deployable while seamlessly integrating with enterprise solutions. We have expertise in wide range of industries spanning Retail, Consumer Goods and Banking.

Build a Robust Interconnected IT Mobile Network With Springbuck

Mobile solutions have taken centerstage as a result of customers who often prefer the ease of mobile apps and a workforce that now expects on-the-go access. Springbuck’s services will enable your organisation embrace the full power of mobility, delivering real-time access, process automation, and higher productivity.

Mobile Application Development

Mobility solutions make it possible for your customers and employees to have access to apps that connect them whenever and wherever they are, reliably and conveniently. Springbuck’s Mobile Application Development services spans both Hybrid and Native App Development. In Hybrid we deploy tools like Meteor.js, Xamarin and in Native App Development we work across Android, iOS and Windows.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The BYOD trend and the rising adoption of mobile as an interaction platform requires enterprises to deploy solutions that keep the corporate data passing through mobile channels secure. Our MDM solutions ensure that regardless of how the information is accessed there are minimal chances of leakages or unauthorised access.

Connected devices

Internet of things (IoT) is ushering in the next level of connectivity where internet-ready smart gadgets controlled by mobile devices are delivering vital data via sensors. Springbuck Technologies has the expertise to help you take advantage of this upcoming trend. We offer cutting-edge tools such as SAP HANA Cloud for IOT, Azure IOT and IBM IOT Platform that can deliver solutions to enrich existing applications and integrate IOT data with ease.

Why Springbuck

Our solutions can make the difference

Mobility solutions enhance efficiencies and improve connectivity. Our team will collaborate with you to design the next-gen network that will keep you in sync with the evolving requirements.

Flexible & State-of-the-art Solution Frameworks

Our Mobility solutions are cross-platform enabling you to choose according to your business needs. Similarly our industry-leading IOT solutions make it possible for you to remain ahead of the curve.

Unique Design Approach

Our “Design Thinking” approach begins with you – we thoroughly understand the needs and expectations of the enterprise and its users to develop customised solutions.

Expert Resources

We make sure that our mobility and IOT solutions include the latest technologies so you can rest assured that you are deploying only the most progressive solutions.

Cost -effective And Speedy Solutions

The dynamic and fast-evolving nature of mobility requires superior time-to-market. Our solutions leverage the off-shore & on-shore model which delivers significant cost advantages and productivity benefits.

Superior Growth Prospects

Our progressive mobile and IOT services help you take advantage of emergent opportunities to connect with customers and revenue growth opportunities. Access to latest innovations cement your competitive advantage.


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