Cloud computing has been the single most transformative influence on business operations in recent times. It has revolutionised approach to driving growth, disrupting business models to usher in a new age of functioning. The resultant increase in productivity, reduction in cost and accelerated time-to-market has played a major role in enabling organisations to maintain competitive advantage and drive innovation.

Springbuck’s experts will design and deliver the transformation of your key business processes and infrastructure to power a streamlined and responsive enterprise. With our design thinking approach, we deliver solutions that are aligned to your business goals, resulting in a nuanced and inclusive cloud strategy.

Drive Business Growth With Cloud Services

Using the cloud to drive virtualisation within an organisation is a key priority today. Our cloud expertise spans all major public cloud providers which allow us to develop the right cloud solution for you, after evaluating key dimensions of investments, technological compatibility, and business needs.

At Springbuck, we have a deep expertise is setting up cloud infrastructure that can drive your distinctive business growth plans and priorities. Our cloud solutions are available for supporting all key areas such as Mobility, Big Data and Analytics, Appliance development, and management.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Among the very first to offer the new operating AWS has a power and secure cloud solution that offers scalability and stability at low costs.

Microsoft Azure

Recently introduced, Microsoft Azure has fast become one of the key cloud platforms to build and host the web and mobile apps.

Google Cloud Platform

Flexible and scalable with a global footprint, Google’s Cloud offerings offers the technology that powers its own services.

The Springbuck Advantage

Ever-increasing digitisation demands flexible, scalable and connected IT infrastructure. Transitioning from legacy systems or setting up cloud for the first time, it can be a daunting proposition fraught with business risks. Our team of experts will design, deploy and support you through the journey to ensure smooth transition & functioning. Our unique Hybrid cloud model enables combining the power & agility of Public cloud services with your existing private and on premise infrastructure. Combining public cloud services with private clouds and the on-premise data center as a hybrid is the new definition of corporate computing.

Design Thinking

Start-ups or established businesses, our experts will assess the requirements of your business to develop an effective cloud strategy. With our design thinking approach, user inputs are taken to be crucial inputs for delivering tailor-made solutions.

Flexible yet Agile

Cloud computing continues to develop rapidly with providers introducing new and more powerful feature regularly. With Springbuck’s agile mindset, you will able to deploy cloud solutions quickly without compromising business agility.

Cost-effective solutions

Deploying the right cloud infrastructure can reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and encourage innovation. We choose and design the model that delivers the necessary business benefits without putting pressure on your IT budget.

Customised solutions

Enterprises gain maximum benefits from cloud strategy is when it is in sync with business goals. With Springbuck you are sure to have cloud infrastructure that fits into your overall business model and organisational priorities.

End-to-end Offerings

With our expertise cutting across key technologies and functionalities, our recommendation looks at holistic benefits and efficiencies while developing your cloud strategy. Seamless integration with your enterprise systems ensures maximum benefits.


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