Business Intelligence And Analytics

Organisations typically generate today many terabytes of data, structured and unstructured, which can be a goldmine of insights. Leveraging Business Intelligence frameworks and tools are essential to unlocking its value effectively and efficiently.

Springbuck’s BI & Analytics framework offers solutions that facilitate smarter information processing and insight generation, enabling business leaders to respond in fast-changing business situations with data-driven decisions. Our Big Data solutions include cutting-edge tools including HADOOP, Apache Spark, SAS, SAP HANA & Business Intelligence Platform.

Recast Your Organisation’s Data as A Differentiator

Business Intelligence Services enables intelligent and speedy analysis of voluminous data in order to present high-quality insights to business leaders. These can play a critical role in unearthing hard-to-detect trends or patterns which can support a better quality of decision-making.

Springbuck adopts a design thinking approach that is rooted in collaboration. Our projects focus on developing a deep understanding of data requirements that users across the board have before arriving at the right solution framework.

Enterprise data warehousing

Organisations receive information from a horde of channels – social media, websites, CRM systems, ERP systems. Springbuck’s enterprise data warehouse services provide an architectural framework that can align your data needs to functional processes, addressing data silos, incorrect data dictionaries , data quality, resulting in high-quality data that can deliver accurate insights.

BI on
the cloud

Springbuck’s Cloud BI solutions are cost-effective and easily configurable, making it possible for organisations to access data and reports in real-time anywhere, thereby ensuring that decision-makers can depend on having reliable data when they need it. The scalability and pay-as-you-go model using proven cloud platforms will reduce your costs and optimize processes.

Data Visualisation

Without comprehensive and easy-to-use reports that showcase insights, it is difficult for data to play a pivotal role in your organisation’s decision making processes. Springbuck Technologies uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to present insights in clear, simple and visual formats such as dashboards, reports, alerts, scorecards, metrics, etc. for a holistic approach.

Why Springbuck

Our solutions can make the difference

At Springbuck, we believe that data can be a powerhouse and if utilised well it can have profound implications for an organisation’s business performance since it empowers leaders to navigate through business challenges and trends confidently.

Reliable And Customised BI Framework

Our Analytics solutions are designed to make the most of the available data, in whatever form, so as to deliver real-time & accurate insights.

Unique Design Approach

We understand that data needs within an enterprise can vary widely, which is why our “Design Thinking” approach looks at your needs holistically to create an intuitive BI framework.

Quick and Responsive Solutions

Agility and speed of response are integral in our delivery model. By understanding your needs thoroughly we develop custom-built solutions that are first-time-right.

Expert Resources

Our BI experts leverage their deep expertise to match the right tools for your needs and configure the solution that delivers the highest value customised for your organisation.

Cost-effective Solutions

Using our Business Intelligence services you will be able to avoid hefty IT investments while having the benefits of a flexible and secure Business Intelligence system.


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