Big Data

Once a buzzword, Big Data has now become a non-negotiable strategy for organizations that are looking to embed insights from data into their decision-making.

We have deep expertise in a wide variety of BI tools, both established and emerging, to design analytics frameworks based on a thorough assessment of your needs. Derive greater value from data at lower costs from deploying our Business Intelligence solutions.

Discover The Power Of Data In The Digital Age

The complexity involved in processing vast amount of data points generated across disparate sources – sales points, online, social media, in-store, and mobile – to create meaningful insights makes it a complicated undertaking.

Springbuck helps you make sense of this deluge of data by arming you with analytics architecture that will aggregate, store and analyse data for high quality actionable intelligence, empowering you not just respond faster to market demands but also be proactive in your decisions.


Whether on-promise or cloud, flexible SAP HANA can drive data storage and data delivery across your organization, enabling smarter decision-making.


Supercharge your BI strategy with SAP’s powerful analytics platform that can empower your organization with improved visibility, data visualisation and real-time tracking.


SAS redefined Business Analytics thanks to its comprehensive capabilities in analysing large data sets with relative ease, facilitating complex analyses for decision support.

R Statistics

One of the popular open-source tools, R Statistics can be integrated into existing analytics solutions or can be implemented as a stand-alone platform for you to experience its manifold uses.


Hadoop’s powerful ability to process vast amounts of data in parallel across multiple clusters delivers in data insights that might not have been possible otherwise.


This open-source in-memory processing engine is a fast and adaptable solution to analyse vast amounts of data, which we can leverage for building large-scale data analysing platform.

The Springbuck Advantage

Predictive or historical, data analytics can have the profound impact on decisions and strategies. Reinforce your BI strategy by leveraging our expertise across proprietary and open-source analytics platforms to build a comprehensive and intuitive solution.

Solution-based Design Thinking Approach

We listen to users and assess their needs as the basis for our projects. This helps us design thoughtful and intuitive BI solutions that highlight the value of data to users, increasing its adoption.

Reliable And Customised BI Frameworks

Mammoth databases need intelligent processing for insights that can be depended upon by business leaders. We customise architecture and delivery models that are scalable and flexible for delivering insights in the most user-friendly structures.

Deep Technical Expertise

Continuing technological innovations in Big Data make it imperative for you to have experts who can deliver the most fitting solution, else it might be a futile and frustrating experience.

Flexible Solutions

Agility and speed of response is vital given the criticality of data in decision making. Our solution frameworks will provide you with dashboards and reports that visibly add value to your performance.

Cost-effective Delivery Model

BI frameworks can be investment-heavy – our solutions include commercial & open-source which offers you the choice of picking the model that works best for your needs and IT budgets.


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