Banking Solutions

The banking industry is being transformed as multiple waves of digital disruption change its functioning. More than ever, banks need to be at the forefront of harnessing the power of technology to keep abreast of these changes and deliver reliable services to customers.

Leverage Springbuck’s suite of comprehensive banking solutions to meet the evolving needs of the market without affecting business agility. Our domain expertise in combination with our technological capabilities which spans enterprise services, mobility, Big Data and Cloud will bring you solutions that cover your every need.

Enhance Profitability and Efficiencies with Springbuck’s Banking Solutions

Process-intensive banking operations need technological solutions that are secure, stable, and offer ease of use but not without compromising efficiencies or budgets. With Springbuck’s user-focused solutions, you will be able to drive process improvements resulting in superior levels of customer service, higher business visibility and lower risk among other benefits, boosting your performance.

Core Banking

Core banking solutions form the bedrock of banks’ technological framework, enabling banks to gain a single view of the customer. Our services will help you gain better value from your installed infrastructure through streamlined and interconnected processes, developing functionality designed to meet your specific needs. With our support, you increase the profitability of customer relationships while reducing costs and lowering risks.


Digital innovations have put the spotlight on new methods of payment processing requiring banks to build scalable and secure systems. Springbuck’s services are geared to seamlessly integrate your payment solutions to your enterprise systems. Our extensive experience in all key digital payments formats helps you in developing robust payment services across platforms.

Digital Banking

Internet banking, mobile banking, e-wallets are innovations have resulted in banks revamping their processes and systems. Springbuck’s Digital Banking services will keep you at the forefront of this emerging space. Our experts will work to integrate the latest capabilities in digital banking customised to your business priorities while maintaining highest levels of convenience & security.

The Springbuck Advantage

Springbuck’s expertise in the banking sector ensures that our services keep the focus on delivering customer delight and employee satisfaction, enabling banks to maintain performance in challenging environments.

Adaptable and Modular Solutions

Regulatory changes, uncertain risk levels and high customer expectations – these demand IT solutions that are flexible, agile and scalable. Springbuck’s team of experts will focus on designing products that understand your needs and your on-ground complexities.

Design Thinking

We help you re-orient your processes by focusing solutions that emphasise customer-centricity and user-centricity. Our project approach is built around listening and appreciating user needs, and thereon building innovative best-fit solutions.

Reduce Business risk

The risk factors for banks are many including regulatory compliance, customer data security, defect-free operations. Springbuck understands this to create solutions built with functionality that you can depend on with confidence.

Optimised investments

We build optimised solutions that are benchmarked to the best operating models, making sure the solutions offer the best efficiencies and value. Our onshore-offshore delivery model is designed to deliver cost and productivity benefits.


Banks operate in a fast-moving environment. Springbuck’s experts will collaborate with your team to understand your business needs and adopt agile methodologies to deliver project outcomes across platforms and products with accelerated time-to-market.


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