Application Maintenance and Support

Organisations have the challenging task of managing the complex applications landscape, often featuring legacy software, multiple custom applications and web applications on an on-going basis. Application maintenance and support therefore not surprisingly, takes the lion’s share of IT budgets today.

With Springbuck’s Application management services, you will have the expertise, resources and tools to control and operate this complex application landscape with high level of stability and operational efficiencies.

Enhance Performance of Your Applications With Springbuck

Springbuck’s portfolio of services uses industry-leading tools and approaches that work to ensure that your business-critical applications run reliably without increasing costs.

Application Lifecycle Management

Managing the vast interweave of applications- legacy, hosted, custom and cloud – is an essential feature of the IT mandate today. Ever-changing business requirements and conditions require a team that can extricate business value from them with minimum downtime but maximum efficiency. Springbuck’s team of experts has extensive experience in building and managing applications which enables us to offer end-to-end solutions for managing applications through their lifecycle.

IT Service Management(On-Premise & Cloud)

Equip your IT Service Management(ITSM) teams with tools that can help them deliver differentiated service to users. Automating the service management activities will eventually optimises the support processes and enables business agility. Springbuck’s suite of ITSM offerings spans both on-premise and cloud, delivering a multitude of capabilities including incident documentation, resolution, incident management, and knowledge management. Our ITSM services enables lower support costs, improves robustness and functionality.


The speed of change and innovation in business and IT environment has made software development a rapid release process. Springbuck’s set of DevOps tools and techniques allows the integration of Development and Operations teams to collaborate together for project outcomes that solve business needs with agility. Our proven range of automated integration tools and flows will help you develop, build, test and deploy software with high levels of efficiencies.

Why Springbuck

Our solutions can make the difference

Our deep expertise and appreciation of process complexities results in systematic solutions that help you meet your business challenges.

Design Thinking

Rather than being restricted to the traditional approaches in application management, we go grounds up, starting with user and business needs. This ensures that solutions are attuned to solving actual business needs.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Solutions

Support and maintenance is an essential but never-ending processes. By leveraging our innovative services, business gain the benefit of process improvements that deliver sustained performance but without bloated budgets.

Improved reliability of IT assets

A robust maintenance system ensures that applications that underpin business processes perform consistently and predictably. Springbuck make it possible for you to have the confidence that your IT assets are performing at peak efficiencies.

Flexible Solutions

Our portfolio of services offers you solutions that are contoured by your needs. We focus on delivering best-fit and optimized solutions leveraging industry standard methodologies that prioritise business user needs.

Increased Business Value

Springbuck aims to reduce TCO on your IT investments as well as the cost of support. Our solutions improves user-end productivity along with lowering failure and risk as a result of applications that consistently perform as per expectations.


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