Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IOT) is the new frontier of digital technology and connectivity. Wearable devices such as smartwatches, connected cars , consumer appliances, and industrial equipment are just some of the ‘things’ that will soon be interlinked and transmitting data.

Organisations today have the opportunity to step into the game early and position themselves to take advantage of this new technology that can drive smarter decisions, increased visibility, and improved business productivity.

Explore the Power Of Connected Devices

At Springbuck we have the expertise across all key emerging IOT technologies, leveraging which we will help you redefine your BI strategy and your business processes to experience the benefits of a connected ecosystem that delivers richer and deeper insights.

SAP HANA Cloud for IOT

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an end-to-end solution that enables you to implement IOT within your organisation starting from design to deployment. It provides you with a framework to synchronise and connect physical components of your system and delivers the analytics to optimize operational processes.

Azure IOT

Microsoft’s preconfigured solutions under Azure IOT suite can integrate a vast array of devices and equipment. Their predefined solutions offer a quick and easy way to adopt IOT within your organisation facilitating the process at optimal prices. Appreciate the value of data from diverse sources with our expert deployment.

IBM IOT Platform

IBM’s pioneering Watson-powered IOT suite is a powerful offering designed and developed specifically for your business needs. The platform has the capability to connect the physical things organisation-wide, integrate it and make sense of the massive quantities of unstructured data typically generated within IOT.

Why Springbuck

As IOT is still at a nascent phase, it is vital to have experts who can visualise the business use cases that would add the maximum value for your business. With Springbuck you can trust that you will be deploying the IOT solution that brings the capability to transform your business.

Design Thinking Approach

Developing a holistic customised IOT solution depends on understanding deeply how the technology will be used and leveraged by the business. At Springbuck we design with the user at the heart of the solution adopting a collaborative approach.

Cutting-edge solutions

Choose the right IOT framework to disrupt the existing operating models and gain new perspectives from accessing data from fresh sources. Our experts will deploy the right tools as they emerge to power your IOT initiatives.

Ready access to Experts

As the IOT technology develops with time, you need experts who can harness the right technology for your needs. Our team of technology evangelists will act as your partners in navigating this new space to generate maximum business value.

Agile Mindset

Agile is effective for development and maintenance of complex IOT projects given the requirement of constant updates and tweaking necessary for realising the full potential of the technology. We incorporate agile to ensure that project delivery supports goals.

Holistic Big Picture View

Our breadth of technical expertise makes it possible to provide you with IOT solutions that fit into the overall IT landscape, resulting in seamless integration which enhances the success rate of the IOT framework and its user adoption.


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